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Fibrillated yarn production is performed with high-speed, PC controlled extruders in accordance with th requests of the customer. The yarns produced in yarn lines are subjected to durability tests and the appropriate ones are directed to 4, 6, 8 gripper shuttle looms.  

In the looms, cloth production adjustments are made depending on the properties requested on the computer control unit. In the latest technology machines which have sensitive weaving feature, the weaved clothes are wrapped to the beams. The clothes weaved are taken to the printing unit arbitrarily and in our full automatic printing units enabling high resolution quality it is possible to print company logos of the customers on one or two sides of the cloth up to 4 different colors with high quality printing ink.


The cloth processed in the loom or printing unit are cut in the demanded sizes in full automatic confection machines without any deviations in sizes and on the same line the sacks the cutting process of which is completed go through the base stitching process as single or double piled with high quality stitching threads within the automation system.   Product shipment is completed after the orders having the complete bale numbers go through the bailing and barcode unit.



 The Polypropylene Weaved sack and Cloth produced in the plants are used in the packaging of Agricultural, Food, Coal, Textile and Chemical products.



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