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  About Us



 Our company was founded  in 1988 as a family business for the purpose of carrying out Polypropylene Bag Manufacturing Activities by Sait Akdağ who is still the president of the Board of Directors of our company and İsmail Akdağ.

   Polypropylene Bag Manufacturing started in 1990 in a 7.000 m2 closed area on a land of 16.000 m2 in Elazığ Organized Industry Zone.

  It is a source of pride for our company that our enterprise is the first facility in the sector of its region and it is also the first facility that went into operations of the region.

  In our integrated plant having an annual capacity of 2.400 tonnes of Synthetic bag and Cloth, we initiated constant capacity increase and technology renewal in the past years in our production and investment journey started in 1990. Our company has ensured quality standard in its products by using the latest technology well-accepted in the Polypropyrene Synthetic  Sack Manufacturing sector and therefore the products of the enterprise have become demanded products not only in the domestic market but in foreign markets, as well. AKDAĞ SENTETİK  has become one of the first companies that initiated the first exportation activities in private sector in Elazığ.

  Akdağ Sentetik, open for constant development and innovation, ensured the activation of its work system in international level in terms of management by obtaining ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System certificate.
Much as the company set Eastern and South Eastern Anatolia Regions enlivened with the GAP Project as the target market, it managed to market its product in the whole country, in addition it distinguished itself in foreign market by exporting products to Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Iran, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Kazakistan, Iraq and Abzhazia.

 AKDAĞ SENTETİK, which has always aimed at contributing to its country and employees, carries on its works to have an active share in the market by creating a company culture intended to renew and improve its system constantly, following the developments and changes in technology and determining new investment fields intended to enhance the product diversity.  




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